Elie Saliba joined the lab

A new graduate student, Elie Saliba, just joined the lab to accomplish a PhD research work. Elie is Lebanese and has obtained his master in 2011 at University Saint Joseph in Mar Roukos, Lebanon. During his master, Elie did a 6-months internship in the “Biologie du Cancer du Sein” laboratory at ’Institut Curie” of […]

30th anniversary of M Grenson’s paper reporting the first isolation of rsp5 mutants of yeast

In 1983, Marcelle Grenson published her famous paper describing the “inactivation” by ammonium of the yeast Gap1 permease, and the isolation of a mut2 mutant in which this inactivation is defective [1]. Later studies [2] showed that the mut2 mutation (also named npi1) alters the RSP5 gene encoding the HECT-type ubiquitin ligase enzyme [3] responsible […]