Novel study on the structural dynamics of an arginine transporter published

A novel collaborative study by Eva-Maria Krammer, Kassem Ghaddar, Bruno André and Martine Prévost was just published in PLoS One. The article entitled “Unveiling the Mechanism of Arginine Transport through AdiC with Molecular Dynamics Simulations: The Guiding Role of Aromatic Residues” reports the data obtained by molecular dynamics simulation methods unraveling the molecular details […]

“Lysosomes and Endocytosis” Gordon conference in Boston

Thanks to the support of the FNRS and the Brachet Foundation, Céline Barthélemy and Christos Gournas attended the “Lysosomes and Endocytosis” Gordon conference (June 12-17) which was held in Andover, near Boston (USA). This meeting is one of the most renownded about the molecular mechanisms and functions of endocytosis and the endosomal and lysosomal […]