Original study about amino-acid excretion by yeast published in Frontiers in Microbiology

Yeast cells can excrete metabolites, in particular amino acids. These compounds can then be used by other microorganisms which can establish mutualistic interaction with yeast. How do yeast cells excrete amino acids remains poorly known. Thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the group of Dr. Isabelle Georis (Labiris, Anderlecht), George Kapetanakis (PhD student supported […]

LMO meeting in Strasbourg


G. Kapetanalis and L. Sousa attended the 2021 edition of the “Levures, modèles et outils (LMO)” meeting organized in Strasbourg on 27-29 October. They both gave a brief presentation about their work on excretion of amino acids by yeast cells and its potential industrial applications.


Novel collaborative study on Can1 transporter ubiquitylation via TORC1 published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences

A fruitful collaboration with the group of Dr. C. Gournas, former postdoc in the lab, led to publication of a novel article entitled “The Bul1/2 Alpha-Arrestins Promote Ubiquitylation and Endocytosis of the Can1 Permease upon Cycloheximide-Induced TORC1-Hyperactivation “ by Megarioti et al. . In this work, we dissected the mechanisms responsible for ubiquitylation and […]