New study on traffic of lysosomal transporters in yeast and human cells published in Scientific Reports

A novel paper entitled “The AP-3 adaptor complex mediates sorting of yeast and mammalian PQ-loop-family basic amino acid transporters to the vacuolar/lysosomal membrane” has just been published in the journal Scientific Reports of the Nature publishing group. This article reports converging data obtained in yeast and human cancer cells showing that a similar mechanism […]

“2015 Cell Biology of Yeast” meeting at Cold Spring Harbor

Elie Saliba, Christos Gournas and Bruno André attended the “Cell Biology of Yeasts” meeting organized at the Cold Spring Harbour Lab congress center (Nov 3-7, 2015). Christos was invited to present a talk at the “Membrane traffic” session about his work on the role of arrestin-like adaptors in ubiquitylation of membrane transporters. We could […]

Stelios Gionis joined the lab

We are pleased to welcome a new pregraduate student, Stelios GIONIS, from the University of Athens (Greece). During his master thesis work, Stelios will investigate the mechanisms of ubiquitylation and endocytosis of the Can1 permease and the links between these mechanisms and the lateral segregation of the protein in the plasma membrane.