A friendly moment

Nice photo of the all team taken on April 20. From let to right, Christos Gournas, George Kapetanakis, Céline Barthelemy, Charlotte Felten, Elie Saliba, Minos Evangelinos, Simon Lissoir, Justine Sciarrabone, and Catherine Jauniaux. Only Melody Cools and our student Jasmine Sik were absent, and the boss took the picture. 

“Lysosomes and Metabolism” EMBO meeting

B. André attended the “Lysosomes and Metabolism” EMBO workshop organized at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) in Napoli (06-09 May). The meeting gathered key investigators covering recent aspects of lysosomal biology linking it to cellular and organismal metabolism as well as human metabolic diseases. 

Tribute paper to Marcelle Grenson published in IJMS

Bruno André has published a tribute paper to Pr. Marcelle Grenson in International Journal of Molecular Sciences. M. Grenson, as Professor at the Free University of Brussels (ULB), is the founder of our lab and established many of the scientific and technical bases our our work about amino acid transporters in yeast. A first version of this […]