Autumn Biopark News

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“SMYTE” meeting in Antalya

Bruno André attended and contributed to the 31st “Small Meeting on Yeast Transport and Energetics” which was held in Turkey (Antalya) on September 24-27. The opening “Marcelle Grenson” lecture was given this year by Pr. Georges Diallinas (Athens university, Greece).

Two pregraduate students, C Barthélemy and F Corrillon, joined the lab

We are glad to welcome two new pregraduate students in lab, Céline Barthélemy and Florent Corrllon. Céline will work on endocytosis of amino acid transporters. Florent will work part-time in the group of Martine Prévost (ULB, Structure et Fonction des Membranes Biologiques) and part-time in our lab and will analyze the structure-function relationships of the […]

“Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology” meeting in Frankfurt

Bruno André attended and contributed to the programme of the “Yeast Genetic and Molecular Biology Meeting” (in the “Intracellular traffic and endocytosis” plenary session) held in Francfurt on July 29-August 3. No less than 700 persons attended this congress annually organized by scientists working on yeast. Among the invited speakers was Professor Randy Schekman who […]

“Membrane proteins: structure, function and dynamics” meeting in Copenhagen


Kassem Ghaddar was supported by the FNRS to attend a high-interest “Benzon meeting” about “Membrane proteins: structure, function and dynamics” held on August 19-22 in Copenhagen.