Study on a novel pathway activating TORC1 published in eLife

The TOR kinase complex 1 (TORC1), conserved in all eukaryotic cells, plays a central role in control of cellular growth and autophagy according to nutrient availability, and its dysfunction is associated with several diseases. The activity of TORC1 is typically stimulated when amino acids are provided to amino-acid-starved cells. However, the signal eliciting this TORC1 reactivation in […]

Study on membrane microdomains protecting transporters from ubiquitylation and endocytosis published in PNAS

The plasma membrane of cells is known to be compartmentalized into domains enriched in specific lipids and proteins. The best studied membrane domains found in yeast is the “Eisosome Membrane Compartment” (EMC) accumulating diverse proteins including several nutrient transporters. However, how and why these transporters preferentially partition in these EMCs remains unknown.

In a novel study published in […]

“Cystinosis Research Foundation” 2018 symposium

Bruno André attended to the last scientific symposium organized by the “Cystinosis Research Foundation” (Irvine, USA, March 1-2). The meeting gathered all the research groups supported by the CRF and conducting fundamental or clinical research studies on cystinosis, a rare genetic disease caused by mutations in the CTNS gene. This gene encodes a transporter […]

Elie Saliba received his PhD diploma

On December 20th, Elie Saliba publicly presented his PhD work dealing with a novel mechanism of activation of the TORC1 kinase complex in yeast. He has successfully received his PhD diploma. A great moment for Elie, who was surrounded by his wife, colleagues, and friends. Elie will stay in the lab for a postdoc […]