Lab presentation

Diversity, regulation and signalling function of amino-acid transporters in yeast and human cells

Amino acid transporters play a crucial metabolic role in all cells and their dysfunction is at the origin of various diseases. Our main interest is to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in the physiological regulation of these proteins. We also study the ability of amino acid transporters to control signaling.

Our main cellular model is the yeast S. cerevisiae and more recent work has been extended to human cells. 

We currently investigate amino acid transporters present at the plasma membrane and others located at the lysosomal membrane. One of our main current interests is to better understand the functional links between these transporters and the TOR kinase complex 1 (TORC1) that controls cellular growth and that is very often deregulated in cancer cells.

On-going projects of the lab are concerned with :

– Role of plasma membrane and vacuolar transporters in TORC1 control 
– Cystinosis, a genetic disease caused by dysfunction of cystine transport across the lysosomal membrane
– Mechanisms and signals inducing ubiquitylation and endocytosis of amino acid transporters
– Mechanisms of amino acid excretion by yeast cells and industrial applications