Kassem Ghaddar is a laureate of the “2015 Solvay awards”

The “Solvay Award” is awarded annually by the Solvay group to 2nd and 3rd cycle students who have realized a high-quality work within the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Applied Sciences of ULB or VUB. This year one of the 3rd cycle awards was attributed to our former PhD student Kassem Ghaddar […]

Summer 2015 Biopark News

1995 : first report on a role of ubiquitin in permease endocytosis

Time flies… Our very first publication reporting a potential role of ubiquitin in downregulation of plasma membrane transporters was released in 1995, so 20 years ago. Claudine Hein, a PhD student of the lab, constructed a myc-tagged version of the Gap1 permease, allowing her to show that the inhibition of Gap1 activity observed after […]

Sunny “PhD student day” at Parentville

Like every year, PhD students being at mid-term presented their research data to their committee and members of the institute. Among them were Elie Saliba and Melody Cools, who successfully passed the test. All institute members then moved to the Parentwille park for a giant barbecue. We had a splendid weather, as you can judge […]