Milligrams of Gap1 purified

In a novel paper by Debailleul et al. published in Microbial Cell Factories in collaboration with Dr. Cédric Govaerts (Lab of Structure and function of biological membranes, ULB), we report the development of a new inductible expression system in yeast based on the promoter of the GAP1 gene encoding the general amino acid permease. Using […]

Winter Biopark News

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Elie Saliba and Melody Cools got their FRIA fellowship

Good news! Elie Saliba and Melody Cools, two graduate students, got their FRIA fellowships and can thus undertake a PhD thesis work in the lab. Elie (who joined the lab last June) investigates the role of arrestin-like proteins in ubiquitylation and endocytosis of the yeast Gap1 permease, and Melody will study a novel amino acid […]