A visit we won’t forget

Belgium just celebrated the ascending of King Philippe, after the decision of King Albert II to abdicate. With this event we couldn’t help remembering this very special day of May 2005 where King Albert II visited the lab. Not a joke, see the pictures!

The story is that Albert II scheduled a visit of the town of Charleroi, and at this occasion he came to the Biopark of Gosselies, where he wished to visit a lab and meet scientists. Why our lab was selected for this visit remains a mystery … Anyway, after having been introduced to all members of the lab, the King examined yeast cells under the microscope (“they look like eggs” he said). Then Anna Maria Marini and Sophie Biver presented the work carried out about the role of Rhesus proteins as ammonium transporters. Certainly a big honor and a great souvenir for us …

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