A visit of Kassem Ghaddar to the lab

KassemJune2017 - 1
Kassem GHADDAR with Catherine JAUNIAUX

Kassem Ghaddar very recently made a surprise visit to the lab. It was so nice to see him again, after such a long time 🙂  

Since October 2016, Kassem is Clinical Research Associate at the INC company. Before this, he did his master at ULB (2006-2009), a PhD in our lab thanks to a FRIA fellowship (2010-2014), and then a postdoc in the lab of Miriam Cnop and Decio Eizirik (ULB, Center for Diabetes Research (2014-2016).  It was great to see him very happy in his new job, and we of course remembered the great moments he spent in the lab.

During his PhD work, Kassem buit the first 3D models of the yeast Can1 arginine transporter in collaboration with Martine Prevost and Eva-Maria Krammer (ULB), and succeeded in converting the protein into a lysine transporter (Ghaddar et al. 2014a). He then found that the conformational changes undergone by the protein during catalysis of transport promotes its ubiquitylation and endocytosis (Ghaddar et al. 2014b).       

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