“Smyte” meeting in Martina Franca

Melody Cools and Bruno André attended the 36th “Small Meeting on Yeast Transport and Energetics” organized in Martina Franca (Italy) by Pr. Carlo Marobbio. The meeting began with a tribute to Pr. A. Goffeau (one of the founders of the Smyte meeting) by P. Morsomme and E. Balzi, followed by a presentation by Pr. John E. Walker (Nobel prize in Chemistry, 1997) about the structure and dynamics of ATP synthases. Most of the regular “Smyters” attended the meeting. Melody was invited to give a talk about her work on vacuolar arginine transporters, and Bruno’s presentation was about the regulation of TORC1 by the H+ ATPase (Pma1). 


Smyte group - 1 (1)

The “2018 Smyters” 

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