Publication in iScience reporting TORC1 activation mediated by plasma membrane H+-ATPases in plant cells

We are pleased to announce the publication in iScience of an article entitled “Plasma membrane H+-ATPases promote TORC1 activation in plant suspension cells“. This study was carried out by Dr. Cecilia Primo in tight collaboration with the group of Pr. François Chaumont (UCLouvain, Belgium). The article reports that similar to what we have shown in yeast (Saliba et al. 2018, 2021), plasma membrane H+-ATPases in plant cells play an important role in regulation of TORC1 (Target Of Rapamycin Complex 1), the kinase complex coordinating cell growth and metabolism. This study opens the perspectives of better understanding the well-established role of these H+ pumps in regulation of plant cell growth and exploiting this new knowledge in biotechnological processes.

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