Let’s have a break

Nice photo of the entire team taken around mid-March at the occasion of Minos’s birthday. An opportunity to introduce three novel members, Miriam Villegas (3rd from right), a bioingeneer student from ULB finishing her master thesis work, Soulaimane Basri (5th from right), a pregraduate student from the Condorcet technical school finishing his bachelor thesis work, and Nadia Pia Guarini (4th from left), a scientist with a master degree who has recently joined the lab. An incredible team ! 

13th “LMO” meeting in Musikinsel

Elie Saliba attended the 13th “Levures, Modèles et Outils” meeting held in Musikinsel (Switzerland) on September 11-14. Elie was invited to give a “flash talk” about his current work on the role of the yeast H+-ATPase in regulation of the TORC1 kinase complex. 

LMO group - 1

“Smyte” meeting in Martina Franca

Melody Cools and Bruno André attended the 36th “Small Meeting on Yeast Transport and Energetics” organized in Martina Franca (Italy) by Pr. Carlo Marobbio. The meeting began with a tribute to Pr. A. Goffeau (one of the founders of the Smyte meeting) by P. Morsomme and E. Balzi, followed by a presentation by Pr. John E. Walker (Nobel prize in Chemistry, 1997) about the structure and dynamics of ATP synthases. Most of the regular “Smyters” attended the meeting. Melody was invited to give a talk about her work on vacuolar arginine transporters, and Bruno’s presentation was about the regulation of TORC1 by the H+ ATPase (Pma1). 


Smyte group - 1 (1)

The “2018 Smyters” 

13th IMYA meeting in Leuven

B André attended the 13th International Meeting on Yeast Ageing and Apoptosis held in Leuven on August 26-30. He was invited to give a talk on the recent work of the lab on TORC1 regulation in yeast.   

“Lysosome and Endocytosis” Gordon conference

Céline Barthelemy and Christos Gournas attended the last “Lysosome and Endocytosis” Gordon conference held in Andover (USA) on 17-22 June 2018. Christos was invited to present a talk on “Conformatin-Dependent Partitioning of Nutrient Transporters into Endocytosis-Protective Membrane Domains”. Céline presented in a poster her recent work about the ubiquitylation and endocytosis of the human LAT1 amino acid transporter. 

Gordon conf group

Relaxing lab outing to visit the famous caves of the Han domain

Han caves last - 1
On June 28th, we organized a team building activity and all together visited the famous caves of the Han domain. A beautiful sunny and relaxing day, well deserved after the hard work of the previous weeks. At the end of the day, we organized a barbecue and watched the Belgium-England World cup game.  

“Yeasterday” 2018 meeting in Delft

Elia Saliba and Bruno André attended the 2018 Yesterday meeting in Delft on June 7th. This meetings yearly gathers research groups from the Benelux working on yeasts. Elie was invited to give a presentation entitled “The yeast H+-ATPase Pma1 promotes Rag/Gtr-dependent TORC1 activation in response to H+-coupled nutrient uptake”. 

2018 “PhD student day” at Parentville

As in each year, all members of the institute gathered in the park of Parentville for a giant barbecue at the occasion of the “PhD student day”. And this year, it was a splendid sunny day, with sports activities organized by the PhD student commitee. 

“TOR signaling in photosynthetic organisms” EMBO workshop

Elie Saliba attended the “Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) signaling in photosynthetic organisms” workshop organized by the EMBO in Strasbourg (France), 19-20 May 2018. 

A friendly moment

Nice photo of the all team taken on April 20. From let to right, Christos Gournas, George Kapetanakis, Céline Barthelemy, Charlotte Felten, Elie Saliba, Minos Evangelinos, Simon Lissoir, Justine Sciarrabone, and Catherine Jauniaux. Only Melody Cools and our student Jasmine Sik were absent, and the boss took the picture.